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March 2014 is now a registered trademark.

After starting our biometric search portal, on the 10th of October, 2010, its time to take stock.

More and more visitors every day despite the fact that we have refrained almost entirely on advertising, showing us that we have moved in the right direction with our search portal.

Also the increasing number of direct requests, whether to assist in the search for specific products or to find business partners in the biometric field, gives us enough reason to swing into the next level.

With the registration of new companies with us, we will soon crack the 600th brand name.

With wishes to improve, we are always happy to receive positive and negative feedback. To do so, please see our contact page.

Thank you for your previous visits and enjoy the quick and easy find for your desired product.

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The Nuance voice biometrics solutions eliminate the need for pin passwords or interrogation-based authentication methods, making it ideal for use in a wide range of markets such as financial services, telecoms, healthcare and government

November 2012


who have specialized in the production of biometric products, see




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